The Details in Curved Windows

Curved operating window units are not available from many manufacturers due to the high level of skill required to manufacture.

Parrett windows.jpg

Parrett has extensive experience with curved operating units, and especially curved hung window units. Commonly these units are specified with curved glass, but this unique window featured flat glass that utilized vertical true - divided lite grilles that were angled to allow the glass to follow the radius of the curved hung window frame/sash. Horizontal simulated - divided - lite grille bars were also utilized.

Parrett can build curved units to a standard radius or also follow construction templates. Their hung curved windows include:

  • A curve sash with an angled TDL bar configuration with flat glass.

  • A sash chain and a sash limit device.

  • All windows components available with curved windows including accessories like jamb extensions, subsills, and exterior casings.

Curved Sash .jpg
Sash Chain 1.jpg
Curved Contrast.jpg
Window Sill.jpg